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Townsville’s only ashtanga yoga and yoga therapy-based studio. Our studio is a sanctuary for people who are kind, supportive and keen to live their best life, while having fun along the way. Our teachers are the best – professional, experienced, and dedicated to supporting our students whatever way they can all with a big heart and some fun along the way.

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Find out about our membership options and make time at our studio a regular part of your week. Our members get free events and challenges and are the first to know the hot news from the studio.

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If you are new to the studio and/or need some one-to-one time to take it slowly this is the best way to get that extra support. Focus on a specific part of the practice, work on an injury or gain momentum in your practice again.

Yoga Immersion and Teaching Certification

Yogic studies Immersion and Yoga teacher certification program starts January 2023. This highly sought after training sold out in 2021 and we would love to take this epic personal development program furthering your studies into yoga practice and philosophy. If you are wanting to transform your life and career this is the best place for you.

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Our studio runs on a term-by-term basis focusing on the seasonal elements of earth, fire, water and air. We offer ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, slow flow, pilates, pranayama and meditation courses.  Join us in Townsville or online, Live or OnDemand. Our private yoga therapy appointments are also available. Whatever you need and whenever you need, we have you covered.

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Take a week off and enjoy yoga, silence, delicious food and lots of laughs. Book your escape with us today! In 2023 we are heading to Castaways resort right on Misson Beach, North Queensland.

Why Live and Breathe Yoga

Our teachers are the best around, with over 70 years of experience combined. All of them are devoted to their own yogic lifestyle and continue to further their studies with teachers from all over the world. Our high level of care for our students is our priority and is what we are known for. We have been supporting our community with yoga since 2010 offering group classes, yoga therapy, workshops, intensives, retreats, teacher education and corporate programs.

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We offer in studio and virtual classes from our studio in Townsville to suit everyone : ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, pranayama and meditation. This is so you can enjoy the profound benefits a yoga practice can have on your life and your body, improve your health and wellbeing, join in a wonderful supportive community, and have fun along the way. We welcome anyone willing to take charge of their own wellbeing and love to work in partnership with our students and clients.

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Our happy community

  • "What got me hooked? Allison's and Harry's encouragement - I was a little embarrassed at first with how inflexible and unfit I was, but Allison and Harry have the knack of individualising the postures, even when you're part of a class, allowing you to forget about what you can't do and focus on what you can do and then working on improving."  

    Max : Yogi of the month November 2013
    Max : Yogi of the month November 2013
  • "I can't imagine a more supportive, welcoming environment. Allison and Harry are both wonderful teachers, so dedicated and encouraging. Allison makes me feel like anything is possible! I like the sense of community too, it's nice to have a chat after class and even start to think about some further ideas in the yoga tradition.  Basically, no matter how I felt on the way in, I don't think I've ever left the studio without a smile on my face."

    Martina : Yogi of the month October 2013
    Martina : Yogi of the month October 2013
  • "You don’t need to be a flexible, young, fit etc… yoga practice can be tailored to every body. It is by far one of the most challenging things I have ever done, even after an early morning practice when your body just didn’t want to join the party, you still walk out feeling as though you could take on the world… Just do it, embrace it and enjoy it!"  

    Bernadette : Yogi of the month December 2013
    Bernadette : Yogi of the month December 2013
  • I slept my first night in my new home last night so after moving in during the day had yoga with you to finish and then start again for my first morning here. Secure kind reassuring life and body supporting ways that yoga offers are so well come now. I don't know anyone in Melbourne yet and all the studios are physically shut down so this is a blessing after a bit of a bumpy ride. I really look forward to yoga with you as it it is familiar and beautiful.

  • Thanks Everyone, it was so lovely practicing with you all. And thanks so much Allison for bringing us all together.

  • Thanks Al that was awesome well done to you getting us all together and providing remote guidance. Heaps of love.

  • Thanks everyone. I had a little cry at then end there! It is so nice to hear all of your voices thanks so much Al for making it possible.

  • Thanks so much for the virtual yoga classes you’ve been running. I’m really grateful to be able to practice on a regular basis with you and with everyone else, especially in these challenging and unsettling days. Although I’m currently having some technology issues, I’m still able to join classes with my phone, which is truly a Godsend for me right now. The sense of connection and grounding from attending virtual yoga classes is really helping to keep anxiety at bay, and is helping me cope with the current challenges I’m facing. Keep up the awesome work everyone!

    Jen Scott
  • "I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I walk into the studio"


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