Biannka : Mysore Birthday, Aching Body and 3 Sister Rescue

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Mysore birthday

Mysore birthday

I have been very fortunate to spend my birthday in a place I love, doing something I love. Best ever. My birthday this year fell on a Saturday so unfortunately, no practice.  To celebrate, we decided we would wake up exceptionally early to walk up the stairs of Chamundi Hill and watch the sunrise.  We organised a rickshaw to come and pick Mel and I up (Gabi wasn’t feeling well) at 5:30am.  Things didn’t go as expected and our rickshaw driver drove us to a look-out to watch the sunrise.  Hmmm… we explained we wanted to walk the stairs but he was adamant that it wasn’t safe for us to walk up in the dark.  After some time, and awkward giggles between Mel and I, we surrendered and had the driver take us to the top of the hill.  It would be nice not to practice with sore legs tomorrow at our Sunday led class – so perhaps it was a blessing.  Anyway, we had a lovely morning watching the sun come up, waving to a bunch of Indian children – I don’t get it, but it seems Indian people (massive generalisation) love getting their photo taken.  So the children would yell at us to take a photo of them and then they would want to see it – and then they would all laugh.  Pretty awesome really.  All up, it was a beautiful day.

Group shot!

Group shot!


My body has started to feel some Mysore ache so I took myself to the Three Sisters (literally 3 sisters, these ladies are very well-known internationally because of their awesome massage and great food) for a castor oil massage.  Castor oil massage (aka castor oil bath) is the bomb and is known to help remove toxins, aching muscles and turn you into a super hero (you can only hope). The massage was amazing and so I booked in for one next week too.  The sisters are such beautiful people too.




I’m really starting to feel like I’m settling in.  No amazing breakthroughs with my practice or anything; some days, my practice feels lovely and smooth and other days, my body feels weak and wobbly.  Mysore is such an easy place to live and of course, to practise at the Shala is my favourite part.  I could definitely stay here for a lot longer than my month.

Much love xo

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Biannka, Gabi and Mel at the Mysore palace