New to the studio? Have an injury? Need a personalised practice?

Private Yoga Therapy sessions are for you

If you are looking to join our studio, are a total beginner or have injuries/illness this is the best way to get started. Meet with Allison for a private session (you may like to do a few) so that you can discuss any questions and specifics for you before you join a regular class. Over the years we have noticed that newbies and beginners need extra attention so we like to prepare each and every student before they join the classes. In the session, you will have an assessment and discuss what you are looking for in a yoga practice. We will introduce you to the most common postures and give you modifications if necessary and set you up so that you are ready to join the classes with confidence and ease. We will recommend a yoga practice program that will be just right for you. We also offer these virtually if you do not live in Townsville.