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Find out all about Live and Breathe Yoga’s 350 hour Teacher Training program, starting January 2023

Training starts January 2023. Now taking expressions of interest.


Do you want to train to become a yoga teacher, or deepen your personal knowledge and practice of yoga? Are you wanting to transform your life to be more peaceful, vibrant and steady? Do you want to learn from trainers who are some of the best in their field?

Our 12 month, 350-hour, Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course is a Yoga Australia registered program in Townsville for people seeking to:  

  • become successful yoga teachers,  
  • develop their individual yoga practice, 
  • take a personal development course that will transform body, mind and spirit,
  • strengthen professional yoga teaching knowledge and experience, or  
  • embed yoga practices into their existing clinical work.  

Our unique, student-centred, in-person course combines traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Yoga therapy, evidence-based functional biomechanics, and ancient yogic philosophy.  

Our aim is to develop you into a resourceful and respected yoga practitioner or teacher who shares yoga with compassion, integrity, and experience, by delivering a comprehensive, scientifically-based, and practical program. 

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How our course differs from others and offers the best training experience:

Self Study

This is the foundation of our program. Over the 12-month period your own practice and reflection will guide your learning progress and insight.  Ongoing committed self-practice and reflection in relation to course materials is critical. As a Yoga Teacher, your own practice will become more important than ever and will guide your teaching.

Scientific and Evidence based

Our training is trauma informed and evidence-based, delivering the most recent research on each topic. Our therapeutic approach to the curriculum will enable you to collaborate with other health professionals when supporting your clients and students.

Support and Mentorship

Our trainers are there to support and grow our cohort into confident and caring teachers. Our ongoing mentorship of each trainee throughout the course is our priority. Development and guidance of personal yoga practice, trainee teacher supervision and class assisting and observation are foundations of this course.

Community Practical Experience

We regularly collaborate with other local and like-minded groups to grow the yoga community here in Townsville. Placement at the studio, in a community setting or an external organisation will allow for integration and application of learning and will also increase the impact yoga can have in the wider community.

Functional anatomy

Our program will include access to David Keil’s highly esteemed online Yoga Anatomy program as a starting point to your anatomy study. Our applied anatomy trainer, Harry Normand will then work with you to deconstruct dysfunctional movement patterns in yourself and then how to observe and re-engineer them in yourself and then your students.

Yoga Australia registered

This course is registered with Yoga Australia. Yoga Australia has the highest standards to register a teacher training course and needs the course leader (Allison Dearling) to have a minimum of ten years teaching experience and thousands of hours of training to be able to run the basic 350 hour course. Other bodies just don’t have the high standards we aspire to. 

Wow! Who knew completing the Live and Breathe Yoga Teacher Training course would be the best therapy of my life. I didn’t enrol knowing that my life would change for good. I enrolled because I love yoga and wanted to know why and how it always made me feel so alive. Not only have I gained this wisdom, I have learned how to live a more fulfilling life that is full of peace and love for myself and others. I am looking forward to finishing the course because I will be able to share this wisdom with others by facilitating yoga classes.

~ Sara E, current trainee

Why train with Live and Breathe Yoga?

Over 40 years combined teaching experience

The course will be delivered by highly skilled trainers who are dedicated to teaching, have over 40 years of combined experience, and thrive in sharing their knowledge. Harry’s exceptional and successful treatment experience, Tracey’s wide knowledge of philosophy and experience in delivering teacher training, and Allison’s therapeutic expertise and ability to teach in accessible ways combine to form a dynamic and holistic team. And boy do we have fun doing it all! Each of our trainers are the best in the business and have taught internationally and locally to a diverse range of students for over fifteen+ years each.

The rigorous and challenging course has been developed from best practice research, drawn from thousands of hours of teaching experience from the trainers and will be accessible to interested individuals throughout the region.  Being working parents, we are very much living in the real world with similar life challenges to many of our clients. We really do Live and Breathe Yoga in our daily lives. 

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Highly successful and well regarded studio

Our traction in the market. Being an established studio now for over 12 years, our integrity, character, and reputation all contributed to the return of former students from all over the world back to our virtual studio and for us to thrive during covid restrictions and lockdowns.

Our readiness and ability to adapt.  The Townsville floods and the current pandemic are two notable examples of effectively pivoting to enable us to continue providing valuable and accessible services to our community.

Our digital capabilities. We transitioned successfully to a fully virtual studio in 2020 and now deliver a hybrid model of on-demand video, live virtual, and in-studio classes, as well as private yoga and yoga therapy sessions. 

Our trainees are changing their own lives during the course and starting to share the practices of yoga in the community with confidence and enthusiasm.

yoga teacher training townsville

taking expressions of interest – only 18 places available.


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Allison Dearling is one of the most dedicated yoga practitioners and studio owners I know. As a teacher, Allison truly cares about delivering the highest quality training and supportive experience, as she has received through her decades of yoga study.

Allison’s passion for learning and drive to deliver exceptional value, is second to none. Authentic connection and the importance of community is evident by her unwavering support for Sundalah CommUNITY events and projects in Townsville since 2010, helping more people understand how yoga off the mat is just as important as that which we explore in our personal practice.  At Live and Breathe Yoga you learn how the layers of yoga support you, your life and the lives of others.

~Jasmine Healy-Pagan, Sundalah Townsville

meet our wonderful trainers

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Allison Dearling

Principal Teacher and Owner | Live and Breathe Yoga

  • Senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia (2020)
  • Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy Institute (2019)
  • 200-hour teaching certificate Chi Yoga School, Glasgow (2006)

Allison is a leader in the industry and is best known for her down to earth compassion and big-hearted teaching. Her ability to adapt the practice to be inclusive, accessible, and transformative has meant she is highly regarded by her peers and well-loved by her loyal following. Her unwavering dedication to her own staff and students and her ability to make everyone feel safe, seen and supported is rare and incredibly special.

Allison has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching yoga in Australia and the UK since 2006. She has studied in India with several yoga teachers for extended periods of study (including but not limited to Sharath Jois, Sharath Yoga Centre in Mysore). Allison has continued her studies with many senior ashtanga yoga teachers in the UK, US, and Australia.

She opened her studio, Live and Breathe Yoga (Townsville) in 2010 and teaches group, corporate, private, virtual and community classes, and has mentored several new teachers. Allison specialises in the therapeutic application of yoga practices with particular focus on making yoga accessible to all. Her teaching is therefore collaborative, as she aims to design a practice that supports the specific needs of each of her students and clients. Allison is passionate about building a sangha in her local community and has been involved in many community and fundraising events since 2010.

Harry Normand

Senior Teacher | Live and Breathe Yoga

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, London School of Sports Massage (2003)
  • 200-hour teaching certificate Chi Yoga School, Glasgow (2006)
  • Integrated Movement Science and Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Chek Institute (2008)
  • Registered Level 3 Fitness Professional, Fitness Australia (2009)

Harry’s ability to deconstruct complex dysfunctional movement patterns and re-engineer them to support his clients to thrive using massage, corrective exercise and yoga has made him highly regarded in the health and movement industry. He beats (and dances) to his own drum, has completed thousands of clinical treatment hours, and a sneaky engineering degree combined with his biomechanical knowledge means he has always been well ahead of his time. His passion for healthy movement patterns and posture comes through in just about every conversation he has.  

Harry has taught yoga in Scotland and Australia since 2006, and has travelled to India, the USA, and the UK for intensive periods of study under various yoga teachers since his initial teaching certification. As a senior teacher at Live and Breathe Yoga since 2010, Harry has taught studio, corporate and community classes, and used his functional anatomy knowledge to help students modify their practice around structural and postural issues.

As a remedial massage and exercise therapist for over 15 years, Harry teaches yoga postures to improve functional mobility and coordination which provides the foundation of many of his clients’ rehabilitation programs.

yoga teacher training townsville north queensland
yoga teacher training townsville north queensland

Tracey Uber-Cook

Senior Teacher | Live and Breathe Yoga

Teacher Trainer & Guest Teacher | Ekhart Yoga

  • Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training with Shirley Hicks (2017
  • 200-hour teaching certificate, Sivananda (2004)

Tracey’s teachings are wise beyond her years and profoundly lifechanging. She speaks from her heart and has a beautiful ability to share ancient philosophy and practices for modern times all with intelligence, a twinkle in her eye and a wonderful sense of humour.  Through the transformational tools of chanting, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, self-inquiry, and silence, Tracey encourages students to reveal the profound truths, which reside deep within their own hearts. 

Tracey has lived and shared the practice of yoga since 2004 in South East Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. For 5 years in India, she studied at the Sivananda Kuir in Uttar Kashi and in Vashisht with a swami in the local ashram before moving to Thailand and teaching for 12 years on the island of Koh Tao. Since 2008, Tracey has studied pranayama, meditation, and philosophy with Clive Sheridan. Tracey has regularly co-taught with Esther Ekhart on the Ekhart Yoga Hatha Flow YTT in Spain and Portugal and is a regular guest teacher on the Ekhart Yoga website. In 2015 and 2016 Tracey taught philosophy and transformational experience on the Akhanda Yoga Australia YTTs, and in 2015 she co-developed a Kids Yoga Training called Mindful Seeds with Akhanda Yoga Australia. Tracey has lived in Townsville, Australia, since 2016, where a core focus has been community yoga for seniors. Here in Townsville, she is also a Program Leader with Yoga Tools for Schools, and Tracey teaches classes and workshops centred in the deeper and more subtle aspects of yoga, such as Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Yogic Philosophy.

Live and Breathe is more than just a yoga studio. It’s a culmination of over 12 years worth of movement, breath, chanting, sweating, hope, growth, tears, joy and chai – a true community. As a student of Live and Breathe I have always felt completely supported on this path of yoga, and I always felt this went far beyond the physical postures and got to the heart of things. My understanding of my body has grown but also my self-awareness and the relationship between my mind and body. Although I always dreamed of one day being able to share this unfolding knowledge with others, I don’t know if I ever would have had the confidence to do so without Allison’s encouragement and mentorship. She’s been there every step of the way, to answer questions, offer practical advice or just to give me some (much needed) encouragement to keep going. I’ve felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from the other teachers over the years too. They each hold so much knowledge and experience in their different ways and are always so humble and generous in how they share it. Live and Breathe really aims to be an inclusive space and the diverse student base at the studio has also helped me to grow as teacher, giving me the opportunity to work with and learn from people of a wide range of ages and abilities, not just young and bendy folks! It’s a true honour to be part of such a beautiful team and a wonderful community, the benefits of which will stay with me always.

~Martina Heron, teacher with Live and Breathe Yoga since 2018

yoga teacher training townsville north queensland

Taking expressions of interest – only 18 places available

The Yoga Teacher Training Course is everything I pictured, with so much more I didn’t foresee. Of course you feel confident and inspired to be a yoga teacher to spread the joy and knowledge you have received. But the added bonus is the personal growth which is remarkable, particularly over such a short period of time. I have taken on life with a different perspective.

I was concerned about committing to the time and monetary expenditure, but I need not be as Allison put in an affordable payment plan and the relaxed atmosphere the teachers create results in you not feeling the pressures of assessments. I have truly valued the time spent on the course which means the commitment was an easy adjustment into my life.

I have gained an ease and simplicity to life, which as we know we tend to complicate, so for this reason the course has been invaluable. 

Finally, if I had one word to describe the course it would be: Love. Don’t miss out on feeling the love and deepening the knowledge of you.

~ Lizzie H, current trainee

Please note that Live and Breathe Yoga reserve the right to postpone the course if we do not get the minimum number of applicants. Please note our full terms and conditions, payment plans and further details on the prospectus.