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Join the amazing Live and Breathe Yoga teachers in your home from anywhere. Our new virtual yoga studio is here to keep you connected, clear and calm whenever you need. All our In Studio classes are also live streamed so you can join us live from your home via Zoom, or you can rent our classes above from our on demand library. Become a virtual member and have access to it all.

Unlimited virtual yoga pass is only $49 per fortnight ongoing

Virtual unlimited membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to all our live classes streamed via Zoom
  • Automatic class recording link emailed to you after each class you sign up to whether you join live or not
  • Access to class recordings and tutorials in our growing library
  • Access to our facebook group where we check in every few days to give you helpful tips and guidance relating to you and your yoga practice. Recordings of classes will be in here also. This is your community connection point where you can connect with fellow Live and Breathe Yoga crew.
  • Be the first to know about class updates, workshops and retreats

Or Rent our classes above and try before you commit:

  • Rent our classes ‘netflix style’ above and try our classes first before you join our membership
  • Classes are available for 3 days
  • This library will be added to every week

Why Zoom live classes?

Zoom is a wonderful and very easy to use video conferencing software that allows us to provide classes in real time to our members. Live classes where you must sign in and practice with the teacher and other students helps you to stay connected with us and your fellow yogi friends during this time of physical distancing.

Having to practice live also gives you some accountability to keep up with your yoga routine that you’ve worked really hard to establish and we want to continue. You also get positive feedback and through our interactive approach we provide helpful personal tips and guidance from the teacher with the ability to ask questions and check in.

  • I slept my first night in my new home last night so after moving in during the day had yoga with you to finish and then start again for my first morning here. Secure kind reassuring life and body supporting ways that yoga offers are so well come now. I don't know anyone in Melbourne yet and all the studios are physically shut down so this is a blessing after a bit of a bumpy ride. I really look forward to yoga with you as it it is familiar and beautiful.

  • Thanks Al that was awesome well done to you getting us all together and providing remote guidance. Heaps of love.

  • Thanks everyone. I had a little cry at then end there! It is so nice to hear all of your voices thanks so much Al for making it possible.

  • Thanks Everyone, it was so lovely practicing with you all. And thanks so much Allison for bringing us all together.


Unlimited virtual yoga pass is only $49 per fortnight ongoing

How to Use Zoom with Helen

How to set up for home practice

  • Thanks so much for the virtual yoga classes you’ve been running. I’m really grateful to be able to practice on a regular basis with you and with everyone else, especially in these challenging and unsettling days. Although I’m currently having some technology issues, I’m still able to join classes with my phone, which is truly a Godsend for me right now. The sense of connection and grounding from attending virtual yoga classes is really helping to keep anxiety at bay, and is helping me cope with the current challenges I’m facing. Keep up the awesome work everyone!

    Jen Scott

Why Live and Breathe Yoga

Highly experienced and compassionate teachers.

All of our regular teachers practice Ashtanga yoga and further their studies on a continuing basis. We regularly host internationally recognised teachers for workshops and intensives, bringing the best in the world to you.


Beautiful sanctuary-like surroundings and welcoming community.

You can learn the profound effects that ashtanga yoga can have on your life and your body, improve your health and wellbeing, join in a wonderful supportive community, and have fun along the way.

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