Start with a Private yoga therapy session

If you are looking to join our studio, are a total beginner or have injuries/illness this is the best way to get started. Meet with Allison for a private session (we recommend a minimum of two sessions) so that you can discuss any questions and specifics for you before you join a regular class. Over the years we have noticed that newbies and beginners need extra attention so we like to prepare each and every student before they join the classes. In the session, you will have an assessment and discuss what you are looking for in a yoga practice. We will introduce you to the most common postures and give you modifications if necessary and set you up so that you are ready to join the classes with confidence and ease. We will recommend a yoga practice program that will be just right for you. We also offer these virtually if you do not live in Townsville.

Private yoga therapy session

1 hour session with Allison $120

3 x 1 hour sessions with Allison $330

Not sure about a private session?

If you are keen to just jump in an get started then the best classes are our Ashtanga beginners or  our Reset and Restore class.

The key is to find the class that fits into your life and be disciplined enough to attend at least once a week.  Try practising a little at home also.  A sun salute a day keeps the doctor away!

Types of classes

We have a regular schedule of classes that run every week.

There are several  types of classes at Live and Breathe Yoga. Traditionally Ashtanga yoga is taught using two different formats. The led/guided class and the self paced (mysore style)

  • The Led/guided class is when everyone practices the same postures all together at the same time and are guided or led by the teacher using physical demonstration and verbal cues.  Beginners classes led/guided classes available three times a week.   As the name suggests the teacher leads the class through the postures at a slow pace to get you familiar with the set sequence.
  • The Mysore style class get it’s name from the home of Ashtanga yoga (Mysore in Southern India) and is a self practice class. The teacher does not demonstrate to everyone at the same time, instead everyone practices the same postures but at their own pace and the teacher give one to one guidance to each student as and when they need it. This is not suitable if you for drop-ins.

The Reset and Restore class which is a gentle, restorative style class where we take our time and release tension in the body and the mind. Suitable for all levels, this class leaves you feeling that all is right with the world once again.

The Vin Yin yoga class is a class that is a mixture of flowing Vinyasa yoga which gets the body moving continuously and Yin yoga where the postures are not difficult however they are held for several minutes at a time. Working on releasing the fascia (connective tissues) in the body and unwinding long held tension.

The Yoga Nidra is a virtual only class. Yoga nidra means yogic sleep and is a guided relaxation session. You do this from the comfort or your own home, in your PJ’s so you can just curl up into bed afterwards for an early restful night. Absolute bliss 😉

Before you arrive

COVID Safe Plan Guidelines –

  • please do not attend classes at the studio is you have any COVID symptoms. Stay home and practice with us virtually.
  • book classes online in advance.
  • please wash your hands as soon as you arrive
  • please use the correct cough and sneeze etiquette and sanitise your hands afterwards
  • please ensure all your own equipment is clean

Studio etiquette – please read our Studio Etiquette page. This will help you and everyone else have the best experience at the studio. Don’t worry; none of them are too weird!

Injuries – Let the teacher know when you arrive to the class if you have any injury concerns. They will do their best to offer alternate postures where needed. You can give us a call or send us an email if you’re concerned too.

Pregnancy – If you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended not to practise Ashtanga yoga, and then after that only if you’ve practised previously. Allison practiced Ashtanga yoga all throughout her pregnancy so please be in touch for more details. 

Frequently asked questions – we have compiled a list of all the questions we get asked regularly of our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Please refer to them before getting in touch.

What to bring:

  • Dress – make sure you wear something clean and comfortable. It’s best to wear clothing that isn’t too loose as it can get in the way in some postures.
  • Equipment – We are no longer giving any equipment to students in class due to our COVID Safe plan. We encourage you to purchase your own yoga mat (there are some for purchase at the studio too, though they are available online and in most sports stores). It’s best to also bring a towel (to support you in some postures and more importantly, because yoga gets sweaty!) and also some water for after the class. Please make sure all your equipment is clean.
  • Extras – Enthusiasm, an open mind, readiness to work hard and a sense of humour!

Class costs – please refer to our Schedule and prices page. We are no longer taking cash so please book ahead and pay online.

Who are we?

You can check out the Teachers and About us page for more information about our yoga philosophy. In a nutshell, we are a Townsville city-based, welcoming, yoga therapy based, steadfast in helping you benefit from the traditional teachings of the practice so you can thrive.

Why yoga?

A regular yoga practice:

  • increases fitness, strength, flexibility, movement and joint mobility
  • allows you time to listen to your body
  • improves performance in other fitness areas
  • supports the individual towards a more rounded health approach
  • focuses on breathing to extend all of the above
  • promotes mindfulness
  • encourages relaxation
  • assists rehabilitation from injury, with support and guidance from a professional
  • AND, allows you to join a great community!